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Bar5 (show announcement and story)

We were headed from Baltimore to New York without a drummer.  We had taken the gig, as it was in a cool spot in Brooklyn, a place called Bar4.  “Maybe we’ll hit Bars 1, 2 and 3 while we’re there,” I said to Anna, but she didn’t like this joke, so I only told it, like, twice.

We were meeting a new drummer the night before the gig, at a rehearsal space in Manhattan, like 22 floors up a skyscraper.  Top Floor Studios, or some horseshit like that. Anyway, Chris–who we’d been introduced to over the phone by old friend, bass wiz, and general music aficionado Ted Schreiber (thanks Ted!)–was waiting for us at the studio.  We’d never met Chris…but he kind of looked familiar.  Maybe he just looked like a drummer.

Two hours later, and we had a pretty wicked set of music ready for Brooklyn!  We were all very excited.  Who was this guy?  An excellent drummer who picked it up quick, and had plenty of ideas and licks.  And there was something familiar about him.

The gig was with a group from New York called Dog Adrift.  After each group’s set, our friend Sherif, sitting at the bar with a pint glass of gin, an aficionado himself, said, “I really dig your new drummer. And the other band was great, too! Who are they?”

“Yeah, Dog Adrift. They’re great. We’ll play with them again.”

Well, that was almost  5 years ago, and we’ve been playing with Chris ever since, have recorded two albums with him, and we’re starting a third this month.

And though we haven’t played with Dog Adrift since, we are going to play with them again: this Wednesday, at The Footlight (or Bar5 for our purposes here) in Ridgewood, NY. (Details here.)

And, as it turns out, we had met once, 20 years ago; Chris and I both grew up in the same town on Long Island.

And we both escaped.

-JP Carillo

Fire with Fire!

JOY ON FIRE is excited to announce that its second album, Fire with Fire, will be released both digitally and on CD on November 1 by PROCRASTINATION RECORDS, home of 3rd Grade Friends, Penny Pistolero, and many other great bands.

Album cover by artist Bruno Gabrielli

JOY ON FIRE will be playing throughout the fall in support of Fire with Fire, with gigs in New York City, Jersey City, Allentown, Annapolis, Baltimore, Florence MA, and Burlington VT. Two of these shows—The Fox and Crow in Jersey City and The Metropolitan Lounge in Annapolis, where 3rd Grade Friends will be joining us on the bill—will be official CD release parties, where we will be performing Fire with Fire in its entirety.




Upcoming Shows:

Thursday Oct 12 – Paulie Gees, Baltimore, MD

Saturday Oct 14 – Café Nola, Frederick, MD

Friday Oct 20 – Gussy’s, NYC

Friday Nov 3 – Fox & Crow, Jersey City, NJ

Saturday Nov 4 – Alt Gallery, Allentown, PA

Friday Nov 17 – Metropolitan Kitchen & Lounge, Annapolis, MD

Saturday Nov 18 – MT6 Fest, Baltimore, MD

Thursday Dec 7 – 13th Floor Lounge, Florence, MA

Friday Dec 8 – Radio Bean, Burlington, VT