Frederick Playlist – Music & Mental Health: Frank Ocean & When Words Fail

“If you’re in the mood for music that embodies a range of emotions without words, check out Joy On Fire’s experimental jazz EP, “The Complete Book of Bonsai.” Joy On Fire will be a featured artist at Goddess Jam on Sept. 9. Sometimes, the best music speaks without saying. ” –Colin McGuire, Frederick Playlist and Frederick News Post, August 25, 2016

Frederick News Post – Interview with saxophonist Anna Meadors (September 8, 2016)

Frederick Playlist – Interview with bassist and composer John Paul Carillo and saxophonist Anna Meadors (September 6, 2016)

Sass Magazine – “Women Who Rock” (Fall, 2016)

The Carolinian – Joy on Fire at Scuppernong Books

“The sounds of Joy on Fire are energetic and progressive, featuring dark, edgy bass lines reminiscent of rock licks on a spectrum from the Pixies to Black Sabbath combined with the punctuated horn melodies whose addition call to mind Herbie Hancock jams.”

“The songs available on their Bandcamp page are long, averaging about 10 minutes each and take listeners on thrilling instrumental journeys. Their Halloween set will seek to illustrate their own ingenuity as well as the homage they pay to musicians past. A few new songs will even surface, one of which Meadors says is “pretty heavy” and might remind viewers of the Beastie Boys; another is a tribute to John Coltrane’s Olé.” –Sophia Lucente, The Carolinian, October 28, 2015

Frederick News Post – “Joy on Fire light up the scene with punk-jazz fuzz-rock”

“[Anna Meadors] blasts her alto and baritone sax and engages her audience with high energy and enthusiasm.” –Anthony Burke, Frederick News Post, October 22, 2015

Mountain Xpress – Joy on Fire at The One Stop

“It’s intriguing the way that jazz fusion is bubbling under in Asheville, a town noted musically more for jam bands and beardo alt-Americana. But there’s clearly enough interest to draw Greensboro’s Joy on Fire to town. This trio has an unconventional lineup: electric bass guitar, drums, and … saxophone. But these young jazzers seem as influenced by heavy rock as jazz. When they describe their sound as “Zeppelin meets Coltrane,” you’d best believe it.” –Bill Kopp, Mountain Xpress, 30 Days Out, March 22, 2014